Arkwings Mission Statement

Mission: Nurturing through Nature

Motto: Back to nature for a better future

Vision: Developing life skills that promote wellness, confidence, teamwork, integrity, and leadership among youth.

Core Values:

  • Spiritual, emotional, and physical health is interconnected.

  • Wellness requires harmony with God, neighbor, and self.

  • Experiential learning promotes the ability to retain and apply what is learned.

  • Connecting to nature promotes wellness.

  • Strong life skills provide a foundation that promotes success.

Arkwings Foundation is a multi-ministry wellness organization incorporated as a 501 (c) 3  not-for-profit public charity founded in 1991.  It mission is to promote spiritual, emotional, and physical health for individuals, organizations, and communities through innovative, hands-on programs, with a focus on inner-city youth. Arkwings under the direction of Dr. John McCall and a 20-member board of directors, also organizes and leads groups of individuals desiring to participate in wellness retreats and to serve in national and international locations. The Arkwings motto is “Taking Care of Self in order to Care for Others” (God, Neighbor, Self).
The Arkwings Foundation headquarters is located on a 17 acre muti-facility retreat conference center surrounded by old growth forest in the community of Frayser just north of downtown Memphis. Volunteers are needed to mentor youth through urban gardening programs, to participate in facility improvement projects, and serve in its various ministries.

John W. McCall Ph.D., President

The Arkwings Logo and Philosphy

The logo symbolizes the heart and philosophy of ArkWings. Like the biblical ark, the AW ark may represent many different images. For some a refuge from the harried world below. For others an unforgettable adventure far different than anything they have ever experienced, for others it might represent a time for renewal or even new beginnings (re-creation), a quest for that solid ground where the human spirit can sore to new heights.

The AW adventure may be a combination of all of these experiences or something so unique and different it can only be felt and not defined. AW is a place and experience where the whole might just be greater than the sum of its parts. AW strives to represent the concept of "roots" and "Wings" where the wings come to symbolize new goals, new challenges, to risk, to dare, to be all that God meant each of us to be in mind, body, and spirit.

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